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    Duane I have a question for you and all the dealers out there. Where in the world can on look [if anywhere these days] for real art deco designed furniture, other then obviously antique shops?

    Though if anyone knows of any good antique shops the specialize in Art Deco I wouldn't mind hearing about them either.

    I have seen a couple of cheaply made bedroom sets at the local mega furniture store but that is about it.

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    Art Deco is outside my range of product knowledge, sorry! I have no idea.....
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    Chicago has a lot of antique shops like that. The furniture is sold the way it comes in, which is often really beat up. Most major cities should have quite a few shops that can help you.

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    you can check out online ear your area you can get many companies or websites providing such furniture. In my area, there is Primavera Gallery which the popular in New York. You can find different rings, sculptures, and vintage furniture.
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