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Thread: New Bradington Young Power Recline Sectional

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    Default New Bradington Young Power Recline Sectional

    For years I have not liked B-Y's recliner sofas and motion sectionals. I thought they sat awful. This past October Market they FINALLY rolled out a new sectional and sofas with recliners on the ends that I liked enough that I would recommend. I've been waiting for photos (when I was at Market, I didn't take my camera to the BY showroom which is about 1 mile from where I park my car). This is an excellent series.

    BY finally posted the sectional photo today. Definitely get the power recline model if you go this route, its better comfort-wise than the manual variant. Around $ 4,200 as shown before shipping:

    There are other new styles here. This is confusing, because you have to click on the number to get the photo (912-90 is the recliner sofa model of the above with a rolled arm) Makes no sense to me, but what do i know?
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