Longtime readers of this forum know I'm not a fan of sleeper sofas, because most the time in mainstream living / family room use the sleeper part is not used enough to justify giving up an 8-way hand-tied suspension system to unfold the bed a few times a year. However, there are exceptions for anything and I saw this at Market in October - it was PERFECT for those in a typical NYC Apartment that need dual-duty pieces or perhaps in a library or even a business office where someone might have to overnight. Its compact, stylish, not too expensive and functions well as a sitting piece in addition to folding out a full size twin bed.

This is also covered in the new 'wonder' fabric that resists all stains. That's right...ALL STAINS. You can put virtually anything on this - even black magic marker - and it will come out with soap and water. Comes with (1) pillow, too!

Like all Jessica Charles pieces, the quality is top shelf, excellent tailoring and made in High Point, NC.

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