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    Default Jessica Charles Upholstery

    I'm considering taking on the Jessica Charles line of upholstered furniture, which is a premium company owned by Hancock and Moore and made in the USA. One of the things I like about that is I can use any H&M leather and put it on the frames in Jessica Charles which effectively increases the model range of fine leather furniture available.

    The question I have for everyone here is do you see anything that appeals in the line and would you consider purchasing it at some point? Thanks for any input.
    Duane Collie
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    nappyhairbigteethconsumer Guest

    Default Jessica Charles chairs

    Hi Duanne,

    I think the furniture is beautiful. I like the stationary chairs, such as the Placid, Kate, Mimi, Warner and the Glazier, which I especially like. (I don't know if my opinion helps or not, however, because I've had to cut back due to impending layoffs where I work--for the state of Arizona--this month.)

    I also like the style of the swivel chairs, though I don't personally like to sit in swivel chairs. The Paloma dining chair looks elegant and appealing to me.

    So I may be only a small part of your demographic because I can only afford nice furniture when the economy isn't tanking, but there are always people who are doing well no matter what the state of the economy who in my estimate would probably like the Jessica Charles line of furniture. Hope that helps.


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    nappyhairbigteethconsumer Guest

    Default Claire chair

    Sorry for misspelling your name, Duane. I wanted to add that I like the lines of the Claire chair too.


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