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Thread: Hi! New Home Owner here

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    Fieldstone Guest

    Default Hi! New Home Owner here, Family Room Photos and need Layout and Furniture suggestion

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here. We recently purchased our home and we need lots of furniture as we got rid of our old things. I called Duane
    once to enquire about Taylor King promotion, but then got busy with other things. Now back to the furniture shopping again.

    I came here through gardenweb as I was researching for quality furniture. So first we are looking to furnish our family room.
    We have two kids and no pets. This is where we are planning to have a 60 inch TV. From all the reading I did over a month on
    the forum, I figured Hancock and Moore with the leather is the best way to go for family room as there will be lot of TV watching
    in the football season. by the way we are only 120 miles away from the keeping room.

    Is it the right place to post some pictures of the room to get this process going? Thanks to Duane for sharing such a wealth
    of information about furniture.
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    Default Re: Hi! New Home Owner here

    Sure! Post away on the room photos!....

    Back in 1993 I wanted a leather sofa for our family room, as our young family just demo'd the fabric one we had in the family room. My wife said 'no way' and wanted another fabric sofa. So I waited until she went to visit her mother in Florida with the kids and had my delivery guys bring in a leather sofa from my showroom floor and put it in our house. She came back home and was unimpressed with my maneuver, but I had already moved the old fabric one to our warehouse and made excuses why the delivery guys couldn't bring it back until two weeks time. Well, after about 10 days of seeing everything from dog hair to baby bottle spills come off that leather sofa - she was sold on it. And 19 years later we still have that same Bradington Young sofa in our media room, and it is still holding up quite well and far from being used up. Now our entire family room is 100 % leather (Hancock and Moore & Leathercraft) !
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    Default Re: Hi! New Home Owner here

    That was a quite maneuver there to convince your wife. It makes sense to have leather especially that actually holds up in heavily used rooms. I will be posting the pictures on the decorating and layout thread.
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