Does anyone have any experience with this leather? I have a sample which looks nice and appears as nice as capri sample.
I own Antelope Rust Journey sofa and for me it's too shiny though it holds up very well when my dog jumps on the sofa. My guess is the protected finish is the reason. It is also not as comfortable as I had hoped. The back pillows just don't give. It could be the extra fill I had added. At 5'6 and 150 when I lie down on the sofa there is hardly any room for my small frame.
I also have Bari Ebony which I like better than Antelope though it is not as forgiving when my dog jumps on it. No damage but her nails make marks which do rub out but everytime she jumps on the chair I hold my breath. On the Antelope sofa there is no worry. The Bari has limited colors so I'm looking at Leighton Cognac which at class 2 unprotected seem like a possibilty.

Thanks for any input.