So I went back to my local H&M dealer today and have zeroed in on 4651 Lena Sofa in Grade D fabric and Lena chair 4649 in Grade C fabric. Also picked out the Member chair and ottoman 4105/4104 in Grade 2 leather.
Price I was quoted for all 4 pieces was just over 9k before tax and delivery. Is this out of line?

Also, when I got home and did some more research, I started to get confused. There are 4 Member chairs. 1902, 4105, 1898 and 4699. The dimensions are an inch or so different here or there. Is that all that's different? I'm 5'10" if that makes a difference.

I'm also starting to like the Rugby chair 5259. Thoughts on that compared to the Member? I want a "man's chair" to be my living room seat for me and only me.