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Thread: Bradington Young Married Cover Recommendations

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    I'm interested in purchasing a BY recliner, and I would like to get recommendations on their Married Cover leathers in a pure aniline, specifically in a rust color. The recliners I'm interested in are the 3002-Merill, 4182-Alexi, and 3076-Henley. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Most (but not all) B-Y Married Covers are finished leathers. Unfortunately, BY does not list leather type in the price book... AND .... they don't swatch the dealers with the Married Covers so there is no way to tell which are aniline short of calling them on the phone and going through them one-by-one. There are virtually no rust colors in Married Cover, you'll be lucky to find that color in the main handles and may have only one or two choices.
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