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    With a drop in interest rates from GE Money to its card processors, I can now offer 9 months 0% interest on purchases over $ 1,000 (monthly payments required). Best of all, I have a way you can fill out the credit app at home on your computer using a series of passwords you can get from me.

    Because of all the spammers and crooks out there, I'm not going to post them here but you can PM me for them. Note that a request for access to this program will only be granted once we have a back and forth dialogue about the items you intend to buy, and it will require that you fax or email me a legible copy of your driver's license beforehand.

    Here's how a typical order would work. Let's say your order total was $ 8,000.

    20% Deposit to order would be $ 1,600. That would go on your Keeping Room card at 0% interest / 9 months at time of order. This starts a 9 month period on the $ 1,600.

    When your order is complete and ready to ship appx 60 days later, then a the balance of $6,400 would go on your card and start a second and separate 9 month period.

    In effect, you would be spreading it out closer to 11 to 12 months depending on fast your pieces were made.

    Hope that helps explain it!
    Duane Collie
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    Great news!

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    Yippee, here comes the royal-pedic queen mattress

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