I'm looking for 2 pieces of furniture, that I saw before, but can not find anywhere now.

  1. Microwave Cart - The cart I saw, that I want was made by one of the low-dollar furniture makers, like O'Sullivan, but was a stainless frame with wine rack and butcherblock shelving. I think it is discontinued, so will have to find it used. When I saw it, it was on sale, instructed the then wife, now ex to get it, but she did not, and still wanting this. Was tall styled with 4 or more shelves so really would help in small kitchen like mine and will take MW off the counter so I have more space.
  2. Bath Accessory - Was metal framed bath self with 1 drawer, 4 shelves, towel hook (full linen/towel holding) and had weathered copper finish (marbled greenish antique). Need in bath as current apt has no linen closet and color scheme is light and emerald green, with tan highligts.

Would appreciate any leads in this search.