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Thread: Request for Bradington & Young 4104 Recliner Quotation

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    Default Request for Bradington & Young 4104 Recliner Quotation

    Hi Duane,

    My wife and I are in the market for a leather recliner and in the process of our search, we have come across your website. I have enjoyed several hours reading questions and your comments about furniture. This recliner will be our first piece of leather furniture and the second piece in a new living room set. The first piece is a very dark stain, transitional style, entertainment center. We have limited access to Bradington & Young
    dealers and have seen only a few pieces in person. As a result, we have spent an awful lot of time on the internet viewing various recliners and leathers. We have decided on the B&Y Alta recliner (4104) and are trying to determine which leather to select for the recliner. We are interested in a soft, thick leather with a matte finish or very little shine that has a somewhat refined appearance (almost a painted finish) that will wear well and is not incredibly easy to scratch or scuff. Being our first piece of leather furniture, we have no idea how much extra cost is associated with a leather upgrade. Please provide price quotations for the B&Y 4104 recliner in the following leathers including shipping to Lafayette, Louisiana and any other addons. I would appreciate any comments or advice regarding our selections.

    1) Kodiak - Laredo (9048-88) - Appears to be a soft leather with a refined look? One picture of furniture on the B&Y website with this leather has
    some sheen. Is this accurate? Does it show scratches? Seems very similar to the Brighton leather? How do they

    2) Brighton - Pewter (9055-84) - Appears to be a soft leather with a refined look? Maybe more refined than the Kodiak? Does it show scratches?
    Will this color work well with other pieces of furniture in various shades of brown, olive, etc? Or, will it reduce
    our other furniture choices to blues, grays, reds etc?

    3) Monte Cristo - ?? (9044-94) - Is this leather available? This color does not show up in the King Street leather collection but we noticed it on
    the Macallister (465-25) club chair. Appears to be a slightly distressed leather that has been restored? Sort of
    an antique look? Is it a soft thick leather? Will it show scratches/scuffs? How does Buffalo hide differ from
    Full-Grain Leather in softness, appearance, etc.?

    4) Buena Vista - ?? (9880-88) - Married Cover leather. Does it have a soft thick feel? Appears to have a dark matte finish? How does it compare
    to the other leathers we selected in feel, appearance, etc.?

    Are there other leathers that meet our stated criteria better than the ones we identified above? Do all leathers in a particular grade add the same cost? Or, do the cost vary by family and color? We would like the wood finish for the recliner to be Mahogany. If we decide on the Brighton Pewter leather, we may choose the Nickel or Gun Metal finished nails. Is there an additional charge for selecting the Nickel nail finish? Any and all
    comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Request for Bradington & Young 4104 Recliner Quotation

    Hi Kent,

    Best thing to do is order some samples, they are provided free of charge. Once you have the samples you can see the colors, textures, test them out for scratches and softness, etc. You can send me a PM (Private Message) with your list of samples you wold like to see (no more than a dozen) and be sure to include your mailing address in the request. I'm always surprised at how many people request samples then don't give me an address! You don't ever want to buy leather based on photographs - thats a mistake because all you can see is color - and even that is not very accurate.

    BY has (5) Price Grades of leather, starting with Bentley Place (GR1) and going up in price from there. Married Covers 98xx series are not available on every frame and are not sampled as swatches to the dealers. I prefer to do most quotes out of the public forum - once you get your samples we can address pricing as well.

    No charge at BY to change nails or wood finish.

    Duane Collie
    Straight answers from thirty-six years in the business.
    My Private Messages are Disabled - Please ask questions here in the forum.

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