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    Greetings to everyone here at the Keeping Room. My name is Melissa Breden and I am the principle interior designer at Hickory Designer LLC. We share very similar values about the importance of buying American made furniture. I grew up in Taylorsville NC, only 20 miles from Hickory NC and have seen first hand the closing of so many furniture manufacturing plants in my hometown due to the exportation of our jobs overseas that it literally breaks my heart.

    Operating as Hickory Furniture Mart Interior Designers, my office is located on the 4th level of the Hickory Furniture Mart which has over 22 acres of furniture under one roof. I have over 15 years of Interior Design experience and look forward to participating in this community answering questions and providing design advice. Take a look at the video below to help familiarize yourself with the professional design services we offer. If buying American made furniture is as important to you as it is to me, I look forward to working with you to find beautiful quality furniture that is made to last a lifetime.

    I look forward to meeting lots of great people here, and thanks in advance to Duane for starting and maintaining this incredible resource.

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    Welcome! I'm sure many forum members will enjoy and benefit from your expertise and who may pick up a few new customers along the way.
    Duane Collie
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