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Thread: Bradington Young Dietrich (660-95) Sofa or Hanley (223-99) Angled Sofa

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    Default Bradington Young Dietrich (660-95) Sofa or Hanley (223-99) Angled Sofa

    I had a question about pricing on a couple of leather Bradington Young sofas. I was interested in purchasing a Bradington Young "Hanley" angled leather sofa (Model 223-99) in the Liberty Cashew (9090-87) Grade-2 aniline leather (track arms and block feet, no decorative nails) and I was also interested in purchasing a Bradington Young "Dietrich" sofa (Model 660-95) in the Chateau Walnut (9058-88) aniline leather (nailhead trim and standard feet). I am a newbie at purchasing both leather furniture and high-end furniture, so I am not 100 percent sure about the leather "grades" (besides aniline, semi-aniline, etc.). What would you sell this particular sofa, in this particular leather, for? Also, what would your shipping charges be to Grove City, OH 43123? I am interested in purchasing a couple different pieces, but have had trouble finding much of a selection in showrooms around Central Ohio, so I may have to make a trip one weekend to view a selection of pieces all in one location.

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    Default Re: Bradington Young Dietrich (660-95) Sofa or Hanley (223-99) Angled Sofa

    Also, does anyone have any experience with either of these pieces, that would be willing to give their 2 cents? Do these pieces come fairly highly recommended, as far as their construction and durability? They won't get extremely heavy use or abuse at my home, but I do have a 5 month old son who may eventually get his hands on them.

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    Default Re: Bradington Young Dietrich (660-95) Sofa or Hanley (223-99) Angled Sofa

    For the story on leather and the differences in types and grades, go here in the forum under LEATHER and read through this thread Learn this and you can tell your local salesperson all about leather


    I sell the 223-99 in GR 2 @ $ 3,085 and the 660-95 in GR 1 @ $ 2,536. Shipping on both pieces together with inside home delivery appx $ 450 (Collect).

    Yes, Bradington Young is USA-made and what I call a "B" Tier level product. I have several pieces in my own home that are over 20 years old and still in use, the key is maintenance. If you clean and condition the leather it will last decades. If you neglect to do that, then plan on 12 to 14 years life span. There are "A" Tier makes out there such as Hancock & Moore, but they will cost appx 25 % more.
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    Default Re: Bradington Young Dietrich (660-95) Sofa or Hanley (223-99) Angled Sofa

    Duane, I thank you for your prompt response and the knowledge that you share on this forum. I'll look over your A-Primer-In-Selecting-Leather post to get a better understanding of the leather furniture basics and have to plan a trip out to your showroom to check out some other Bradington Young pieces, while trying not to drool over any Hancock & Moore pieces! Thanks again...

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