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Thread: B-Y Hanley Sofa 223-96 Potomac Oak Leather 9065-88

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    Default B-Y Hanley Sofa 223-96 Potomac Oak Leather 9065-88

    First off, big thank you to Duane!!!

    I have been introduced to the forum 4 years ago and have since studied the site, looked at countless hours of threads, photos, and finally pulled the trigger on a new sofa. We went with the Bradington Young Hanley Sofa. We live in Iowa which is not too far from Alexandria, VA however was able to look at swatches at local furniture stores in the area. Once, I was able to select a few swatches, Duane was VERY helpful with answering questions and giving me an honest answer. I went ahead and placed an order (by the way Duane's price was by far better than any quotes I received from local furniture stores - no offense Duane but had to at least have three quotes). At the end of the day, we ordered through Duane and I can tell you it was all worth it. To me its all about customer service and little things like taking time to answer your questions (and not get tired of it); followin up with a letter outlining how the order process will work; and a personal hand written thank you message from Duane is what sets himself apart or at least is hard to find these days. I am passing information along to my friends and will definately order through Duane in the future.

    As for the delivery, the carrier (A&O Delivery) is out of North Carolina. Once the furniture was picked up it was suppose to take about 3-4 weeks for delivery. I was not in a rush however I did have to call about my order and they appeared to have dropped the ball however did make it a priority to have it delivered in a week. It was scheduled for a Monday delivery however the delivery driver had called on a Sunday afternoon and asked if they could deliver the sofa on Sunday - of course I had no plans and it actually worked out very well. The driver did give plenty of time - 4 hours. The two gentlemen were very professional and had no problems.

    Again, thanks Duane! The Potomac Oak leather is unbelievable - rich color, thick texture, you can tell its a high grade.

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    Default Re: B-Y Hanley Sofa 223-96 Potomac Oak Leather 9065-88

    Wow ...That is one gorgeous Sofa! Your excellent experience through the order and delivery process is fortunately typical as one reads all the related stores available on this forum. Congratulations on your decision and subsequent delivery of your fantastic new sofa!

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    Outsanding. Glad to year you are pleased and know that it will give you many years of good service, just be sure to clean and condition the leather regularly for maximum cover lifespan, that really does make a difference. And thank you for your business - most appreciated.
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