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    We are considering purchasing a Taylor King sectional in the Taylor Made line, and are leaning toward the Continental frame for the additional inside depth (27.5"). I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with a Continental sofa or sectional, and how it sits compared to the standard frame, or a comparable sofa in the H&M lineup.

    Also for anyone familiar with their fabrics, how would a 55 linen/45 rayon blend wear compared to a 59 cotton/41 poly blend? There are also a few Crypton fabrics in the Portfolio line, which I understand to be very durable and stain resistant - does this have a negative impact on the feel of the fabric? I've owned a microfiber sofa previously, and although the fabric was fairly durable I hated the look and feel of it.

    So far I'm finding fabric selection much more involved than shopping for leather, but this forum has been an amazing resource, and I feel like I will be making a much more informed decision because of that.

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    The Continental Depth is 5" deeper than than Standard Depth, that's the only difference and just a matter of preference.

    It's very difficult, if not impossible, to tell how a fabric will wear based on content, because thickness and density of the threads has as much to do with it as content. There is a 'rub value' for most every commercially fabric made today and you can read more about that here as it explains it in detail:

    I would LOVE IT if makers would post the rub values on their fabric samples, but they don't/ Dealers can get that number value by calling the company (in this case Taylor King) and then the manufacturer has to call the Mill where they make the fabric. Its needlessly complex to get it and usually takes two business days for them to get back to the dealer, but it can be done. Crypton is just super-fine Microfiber that can be scrubbed - its wear value is not particular high. If you want long term durability, leather will outlast any fabric at a rate of 4 to 1.
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