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Thread: How deep do comfort wrinkles go in a new sofa?

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    Default How deep do comfort wrinkles go in a new sofa?

    Hello all! I just purchased and received a set from Smith Brothers. I have a lot of waves and dents at the seams. Truthfully it looks like the cushions were cramped at the back of a delivery truck. This is my first experience with brand new furniture and I'm not familiar with "comfort wrinkles". I have sent a couple of pictures of the dents to my salesperson and he is insisting that it is natural. I accepted this at first but I'm still not sure. Again, it looks like it was mishandled during delivery. Please share your experiences to help ease my mind. Thank you!

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    Default Re: How deep do comfort wrinkles go in a new sofa?

    Let's see your photos, post them here (see the little 'picture frame with the tree' icon when you type a reply? Click that to add photos). If you have a lot of pressure marks in leather from delivery, you can do two things. The best is to put the pieces out in the sun for a few hours on a nice day and the warmth of the sun will relax it all. Option 2 is a hair dryer on the areas in question.
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    Default Re: How deep do comfort wrinkles go in a new sofa?

    Smith Brothers offers a quality product that should stand up to an unjustified harsh road-trip. As Duane has said, photos would help understand the degree of your current potential issue. Most of the Company's styles that I have seen typically look a little more uniform than other manufacturers (not meaning better or worse, just more - well ...Swiss-Amish). Consequently, I would expect the "Comfort Wrinkles" to show somewhat universally if they are "natural". ( the sales representative has said)

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