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    We are in the market for a leather recliner for our den. I like the look of several Hancock and Moore models (Rugby, Citizen) but I really like the Theater lounger. It is not included on their normal recliner webpage- it is listed in the theater furniture section. I am wondering, A. Is it somehow different than a regular recliner? i.e. doesn't recline as fully or something like that? I am unfamiliar with "theater furniture" and B. Anyone who owns one, is it as comfortable as the more "padded" ones like Rugby and Citizen? I like the clean lines of the theater lounger but above all, I want to be able to sit and watch tv with my feet elevated (not reclined) AND I want something cozy enough to fully recline and take a Sunday afternoon nap.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Nicole,

    The only difference in the 'theater' models is they are modular, so you can string them out into row seating depending on how long you want your rows to be. So you pick the base unit chair, then can put various arms on them or wedges to make a row or a semi-circle. Other than that, they are conventional recliners. And yes, they are just as comfortable as a regular recliner. I have even configured them as standalones for customers before, here's one I did as a conventional dual recliner loveseat:

    Keep in mind these are priced as power recliners, so they are not less in money than the standard ones that stand-alone.
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    Thank you Duane- that was really helpful and seeing the back photo of the Monterey does really show the modular-ness if you will...

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