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Thread: What were they thinking?

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    Default What were they thinking?

    No one likes the Hancock and Moore product than I do, regular readers know that. Once in a great while though, they really come up with a new design that doesn't work. This was in my photo album from Oct 2015 Market, a chair I believe was created with Eskimo Roadkill in mind as a theme.

    I predict a short shelf life on this one. Guess you can't hit a home run every time at bat, eh?

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    I have know folks that say they wouldn't have leather seats in their cars, this chair may be for those folks. They tend to say sitting on leather is too hot. I would agree that H&M shouldn't hold their breath waiting for orders on that one.

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    I don't know, I'm kind of interested in that head pillow. I'm ordering two Luxe Recliners and I'm thinking maybe this would prevent any staining from hair oil or hair products ?

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    Oh my...that looks just won't do!

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    Eskimo that is funny. I think the head pillow would be nice if it was covered in the same hide of the chair, to protect the chair from head staining as Dmarie said, but that seat cover...oh my. It looks like they tried to blend crazy modern with viking design.

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    As they say in the car biz: There is an a-- for every seat.

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    Agree with you. I am balding, on many medications, and stained a very good quality leather headrest within 6 months. Fortunately, it was a removable headrest on a recliner. I now always use a u shaped neck pillow whenever I sit down in my new Stickley high back leather mission chair. Get the chair/sofa you like, and go with a comfortable, easily replaceable, and inexpensive neck pillow. Your head won't touch the leather. I'm not sure if wearing shorts, or a short sleeve t shirt, would cause the same damage. Skin is dry, while the head may be oily.

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