Since so many of you have asked to see this recliner, I unpacked it today and made room in the store to bring it in. Sandalwood finish, A and AA nail trim. This is not a large recliner like the Sundance, but its very unique in that the seat height is a little lower than many and it sits more upright when fully closed. I am 5' 11" and very comfortable in it. I do not think someone 6' 3" or taller would be though. I do believe a lot of ladies will like it. Its larger than the Austin Wall Hugger Recline and a pretty nice chair. This will be a good seller and its a handsome recliner as well. The leather is GR 2 pull-up that was new at the last market. It's very rich, is a little slick but not objectionable, and will show pressure markes like all pull-ups.

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