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    We delivered two H&M sofas and a recliner to a customer today at noon (Saturday May 28th) who was having a Memorial Day gathering at their home and really-really-REALLY wanted to get it for this weekend. Trouble is, I didn't have the pieces but they were in transit from the factory. With the Holiday weekend, my trucker (Tommy at Murrow's Transfer) wasn't going to bring it until Tuesday the 31st. Now, its not the end of the world if you don't get your new leather upholstery for the party, but if it can be done - we'll try to figure out a way. I told my customer the timing was poor and I can't guarantee it, but I would try.

    Tommy has been delivering for me for over twenty years now, and I called him up and said "Any way you can you get this to me so I can deliver it Saturday? Can you make it happen?" I rarely call in a favor from him, but when I do he will move heaven and earth to get it done, and he didn't disappoint.

    After a few hours working with Dispatch in High Point NC he called me back and said he could "Hot Rush" it, change a route around and get it here Friday but its going to be at midnight, that was the best he could do for me. I said 'bring it'. So I met him down here last night a little after midnight and we unloaded it into my truck, and I was back at 7:30 a.m. this morning to unpack it all before my delivery guys arrived at 8:30 a.m. I always like to check it all over myself before it goes out.

    This customer is a first-timer at my store, they have shopped previously at the other H&M dealer 20 miles south of me, and were considering buying from them. I can pretty much guarantee you the owner of that business won't unload a truck at midnight on a Friday! They were very happy to get it all today and gave my delivery guys a $ 50 tip (which they kept!) for the exceptional service. I told them when they got back that was my tip, I was here at midnight but my guys laughed and blew me off....
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    Wow that is great of you, and great of the delivery company drivers to bring it out at midnight too.

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    It is rare nowadays to have someone care that speaks volumes of your integrity! Thanks for sharing!

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    An exceptional display of workmanship, professionals like you keep the world turning.

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