This is the first of my Century floor stock, unpacked and in the store today. Yes, this is genuine Mohair from the Angora Goat, not a synthetic. I think the Century Sales Rep thought I was crazy to order this because its EXPENSIVE, but what the heck, when is the last time you walked into a showroom and saw a piece in real mohair? This material is known for its sheen and high luster, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and takes dyes well to give off a vivid appearance as you can see, even taking it inside its a showpiece. Mohair is naturally wicking and resistant to stains and spills, and very much crease & wrinkle resistant. This is not for the casual buyer, but for someone that wants a special piece and would like to treat themselves to a cover that is as exotic as the finest leathers.

Wood finish is an extra cost upgrade over standard called Cordovan, and I added nail trim to the base of the chair. Cushion is Elegance Plush.

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