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Thread: Matching chairs for Austin High Back Sofa 8138NB

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    Default Matching chairs for Austin High Back Sofa 8138NB

    We have two Austin High Back sofas in Columbia Coffee. Could you folks suggest some tilt back/recliners that could go with it, other than the Austin?

    What colors could we mix and match with the Coffee, without making it look odd? I would like to stay in leather grades I/II.

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    Default Re: Matching chairs for Austin High Back Sofa 8138NB

    The two Tilt backs in the H&M lineup would be the Austin series (natch!) and the Westwood if you wanted to tweak up the styling a little.

    The Recliners I would use would be the Austin, Campbell and Sadler.

    Sure, contrasting leathers always look great. Go with a lighter tan-ish color is my recommendation.
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