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    As I sit home this weekend recovering from the flu I'm circling back to ordering a recliner for my husband. I started working on it in the Fall then had to put it aside until now. Does anyone know if there are any photos of a Hancock & Moore Epic Recliner in the files? I put Epic Recliner in the search box but nothing came up. I can see a picture on H & M's website but I like the ones Duane post because he takes shots from several angles. I also have a question about the power mechanisms. Can the cord be brought out from under the chair on either the right or left side? Thanks in advance for your help. What date does my order need to be placed to take advantage of the 5% sale? Thanks

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    All the photos I have I post here and they are searchable. If you don't see it, then I don't have one of that style.

    Yes, you can bias the cord left, or right, or even dispense with one altogether and go cordless via battery power.

    There is no sale period announced yet from H&M, I don't want to get too far ahead of it all. If and when it occurs - (and likely it will) - I will announce it here on the forum.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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