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Thread: Clayton Marcus, Jetton and Kincaid

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    Default Clayton Marcus, Jetton and Kincaid

    I am looking at Jetton, Kincaid and CM upholstered Sofas. I want to buy an 8-way hand tied quality built sofa for a reasonable price. I have found these to be options that at the price I am looking at may work. Kincaid has 8-way hand tied as an option and I saw in there video that it is not knotted but rather looped 8-way and that concerns me. Does anyone know about Jetton or Clayton Marcus.

    Also how about the frames, cushions and service on these three. They seem to not have kiln dried 1 1/4" frames but at least CM offers a lifetime warranty on their sofa. do the others and how concerned should I be about a frame of this sort of construction.

    when it comes to cushions I am looking for a firm and durable seat cushion so I am leaning toward the resilient cushion rather than a down filled. should I look to a marshal system without down filled like the jetton or will the UR foam work?

    So I have several factors I am weighing in my decision and I wonder if there is anything else I might need to focus on as well.

    thanks for any feedback as I am purchasing my first new sofa and want to make a good decision as I hope to keep it 10 to 15 years.

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    Default Clayton Marcus

    So after checking out fabrics, construction, price etc I decided on Clayton Marcus. I feel they have a good selection of Fabric much better than the jetton and more diverse than Kincaid though Kincaid was a good selection as well.
    I also feel that since Clayton Marcus is all 8 way hand tied and not just an option they would likely do a better job with it. I sat in some Clayton Marcus and I found the Classic Comfort cushion to be just what i was looking for and it comes standard.
    I liked the jetton construction but I felt the spring seat back was to much and the softer seat cushion not enough. They can customize a great deal and I figured out exactly what i wanted and they were willing to do it for twice my budget. I thought I could go with the standard sofa they had but the fabric was not very exciting and I have read the upholstery has issues at times.
    So I went with the Clayton Marcus 3814
    I will drop in later to let everyone know how things went with delivery, construction, wear, etc.

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    Clayton Marcus has a good reputation. Please post back to let us know how it all turns out!

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    Default Delivery

    I should be receiving delivery of my Clayton Marcus Sofa and Kincaid end tables Wed morning. I know to check out the goods before I sign, however what should I look for. I would think to look for torn fabric or stains, dinged legs, poor stitching (welting mainly) and that the cushions are well upholstered. What else should I look for and what do I do if I find a flaw that is major or if I find a flaw that is minor. Signing the bill of laden (?) is when and where I ring these up but how do I address it if I have issues before the delivery guys leave?

    I appreciate any and all help with this as I have never bought brand new furniture before and I only want to be an informed and effective consumer.

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    My opinion on this is that what you as a consumer should look for are primarily damages from handling, specifically broken components, soiled or ripped upholstery, chipped legs and the like. By signing off one the delivery you are basically saying the items were delivered in good condition. Always refuse any major damage that cannot be touched up by a repairman doing touch ups in your home.

    Variances in manufacturing quality are not the responsibility of the shipping company and are warranty issues. Obviously something such as a piece coming in a cover that was not ordered is a major fault, but something like aligned welt trim or cushion fullness can be splitting hairs and you may find yourself paying a return delivery fee if you refuse it. On most any piece from any maker you can find a small 'defect' if you search for it hard enough. Generally that's not a good basis to refuse an item on, as the manufacturer has the final say if a piece meets their quality production standards.

    If you refuse an item, its also going to be about a month before you see it again, at the earliest. That means you've paid for a piece you are not having use of while its out for inspection. Some very minor flaws that can be fixed in less than five minutes in your home get refused and that's not something you want to do.

    If you're thinking of refusing an item, consider having your digital camera handy as well as the phone number of your salesperson. Hold the delivery team for five minutes, while you call the store and discuss the issue, and send a digital photo to them while on the phone if you can. They can advise you quickly if the piece needs to be returned, can be repaired on site, or meets production standards.
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    Default will not buy again

    I have had the Clayton Marcus sofa for almost two months now and I am not very happy with the quality of upholstery work. The arm covers are more like arm caps they barely cover the top of the arms and are only about 4 inches in height from the top of the arm. The material is what I ordered but the craftsmanship is poor. The area that the back cushions come out over the arms is not well fitting and is wrinkled as it does not fit and appears to be to small a fit. The cushions all have exposed loose threads where the upholstery was sewn together.
    I am not happy all in all with my investment in the sofa. I feel that it is do in part to the move last year to Virginia from NC for manufacturing. I do not feel those that assemble and upholster in Va are familiar with the sofa like the NC workers were and thus the sub par craftsmanship. While this may improve in the future I do not know I can only address my experience with this sofa.

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    Your dealer should have told you that you'd be getting arm caps instead of fitted arm covers. Many factories do this, and there are legitimate reasons for it. But it does sound like your should have been larger. Worth making a phone call to ask them to make a larger cap.

    Some fabrics lend themselves to loose threads. Again, the dealer should have cleaned that up for you. We would have.

    The fit of the cushion is hard to judge without seeing it. But if we have a customer complain to us and they are right we engage the factory to make it right.

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