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Thread: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

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    The18thLetter27 Guest

    Default Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    I have tried a lot of pillows in my lifetime, and I can honestly say, that I have not been happy with any of them for more than a month or so.
    I am a side sleeper and I like a well supported pillow that is not overly hard. I liked a microbead (can't remember the brand name) pillow that I bought, but after a month or so, the beads started to shrink/flatten, and then the case became too soft, because it was not full anymore. It was also kind of noisy, even when new. I also have a memory foam pillow (again, can't remember the brand name) that has pretty decent support after about 30 minutes of use, but it starts off too hard and then softens up through the night. The biggest issue with this pillow, is that it sleeps extremely hot. I have tried several down pillows, and even if I get them in extra firm, my head sinks straight to the mattress and the pillow poofs up surrounding my head.
    Can someone please recommend a good quality pillow with firm support but not as hard as a rock?

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    Default Re: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    I also haven't found the perfect pillow, but after trying literally dozens over the years, the best for me has been the Sleep Number down alternative ones. I use a firm for laying on my back or side, and then a medium one for sleeping (I am a stomach sleeper). The hold up fairly well, at least six months. The biggest downside is they are kind of pricey, but they often have sales with 50% off pillows or buy one get one free and I stock up.

    My wife is a side sleeper and she felt the sleep number ones wore out too fast for her. Lately she has liked the Martha Stewart Dream Science down alternative pillows from Macys, and they can be found on sale for less than $30. She also liked the Hotel collection pillows from Macys, but the last few times she bought them, the actual firmness was all over the place and unrelated to the label and they wore out fast, seems some real quality control issues there so she stopped buying them.

    Good luck in your search and if you find something you really like, please post back!

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    The18thLetter27 Guest

    Default Re: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    Thanks for the suggestions Danw99.

    I will keep my eye out for the Sleep Number sale, the next time it comes around. I actually thought about these about a year ago when my dad was considering buying a Sleep Number bed, but ended up missing the sale and didn't revisit because, as you mentioned, they were a bit pricey. I am actually getting to the point where I am thinking about not worrying about the cost. I feel as though I am losing a lot of good sleep because of bad pillows. It might be the time to take the leap.

    I will also stop by a Macy's store and check out the Martha Stewart Dream Science as well. I should be able to at least judge the firmness in the store.

    If I find something I like, I will certainly post them.

    Thanks again.

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    organic_smallhome Guest

    Default Re: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    Yes! Latex pillows. We bought a pair--medium, queen-sized--for our guest bedroom. My sister-in-law said it was the only pillow she'd ever slept on that eliminated neck and shoulder pain, so I gave them to her. We have the same pillows in the master bedroom and they are heaven. I would never go back to regular pillows. We purchase ours from Allergy Buyers Club.

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    Default Re: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    Just a heads-up, Sleep Number is having a 40% off pillow sale this month, if you are interested in trying them.

    OSH - which one of the latex pillows do you like? It looks like they sell a few different kinds. Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper?

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    bbbuu Guest

    Default Re: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Pillow?

    Ideally, side sleepers will feel more comfortable with thick, large pillows that will occupy the gap between the head and the mattress to keep your head and neck align with your spine. A pillow with latex filling is perfect choice for those with allergies as they are breathable and mold, mildew and mite resistant. This popular filling offers great support and has average higher loft, therefore it is best for side and back sleepers. I'd recommend the langria contoured natural latex pillow. The foam that fills the space between the bed and your neck will not choke you or press on your jugular (for side & stomach sleepers). The one I received was extremely soft and became firmer the further my head sank into the pillow until it was firm enough to support the weight of my head. For me, the pillow was about half of its thickness at this point. The pillow is not very thick to begin with so it becomes pretty thin. This is fine for me since I like to lay on my side and eventually roll to my stomach. I don't want a thick pillow when I lay on my stomach.

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    if your looking for Best Pillow for a Good Night's Sleep so its not so easy or not so tough. Finding the right pillow depends on your sleep position. Slide sleeper position the most common position. A firm or extra firm pillow is the best pillow to maintain the proper alignment or curve of the neck and head at what a study in a 2015 issue of Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found was the most comfortable height—10 centimeters, about four inches off the mattress.

    Back Sleeps is the second sleeping position Look for a pillow that supports or cradles the head without losing the natural curve of your neck. Start with medium-loft, medium-firm models filled with down alternative, memory foam, or latex foam. Loft is a pillow’s height as it lies flat on the bed.

    So whenever you are going to buy any pillow so purchase according your sleep position like which is best for you.

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