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    Hi All,

    I've lurked all over the internets trying to find any information I can on the Century Cornerstone series. I am looking for a sectional that is clean-lined, transitional, and the usual suspects from Room and Board, Crate, Arhaus, etc are all made my Mcreary...meh. Then I stumbled upon Century Cornerstone and I think I found a contender. However lurking a ton online, I'm so confused about Century Construction. It appears Century has two main upholstery divisions: Signature and Elegance. They have a fancy little video on their website that shows the deconstruction of a Signature chair and it has all the hallmarks of quality: solid hardwood frame, 8 way springs, etc - it checks all the boxes. But this, for a possible customer at least, begs the questions, is the Elegance division (including Cornerstone) built to the same standards? I received a quote from Boyle's in North Carolina, and it prices out not much more than the Mcreary stuff from R&B and Crate. I understand that those places have tons of overhead that they have to pay for, with catalogs and lovely showrooms so that leaves a little bit of 'paying for a brand name.' But can a quality bench-made sectional from Century really price out that close to something from Mcreary? The sectionals that I'm looking at from R&B and Crate price out between $4k and $5k depending on upholstery. The Cornerstone sectional prices out at $4800 for many of their upholstery options, with a few being upgrades. If this is too good to be true, and the Cornerstone line is on-par quality-wise with Mcreary, Shenandoah, Rowe, etc, is there a brand in the $4k-$6k price range for a sectional that gives you the guts needed for a long-lasting piece? Many many (many many many) thanks for any insight!!

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    Century's Signature line is top-drawer build, like Hancock and Moore's. Solid hardwood frames, the best of everything. Cornerstone is built similar to Taylor King, and uses plywood frames and a few more shortcuts (finish on the legs, etc) than their Signature line. Truth is - about 95% of the industry uses plywood frames, the rarity is a solid hardwood one. These frames flex a little more, but they have never failed. Most likely it will easily outlast the upholstery put on it.

    I can't comment on direct comparisons to the other lines as I don't know their build standards.
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