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Thread: Sam Moore Chair for Sale on CL: Good Quality?

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    Default Sam Moore Chair for Sale on CL: Good Quality?

    Anybody know anything about this company? Are the chairs good quality? Is this a good price?
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    I don't know much about Sam Moore except my Bradington Young sales rep also carries the line. She tells me its solid, mid-priced furniture but I was not interested in handling the line. I can tell you that chair sure looks like its ready to enter a race, however!
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    I've been working with Sam Moore for the past couple of years. It's built pretty well. Good lumber, quality joints and o.k. fabrics. We did have an issue with one of their woven fabrics but I think the manu. corrected the problem. Overall a good chair for the price.

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    P.S. It's AMERICAN made.

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