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    Duane, we just made a big move from Texas to Massachusetts, and bought a house in the suburb of Boston. when we redecorating our house, we are looking for home accessories such as trash can for office, laundry basket, fruit and banana basket, etc... we have learned from you that never buy furniture from places like pottery barn, c & b. and I'd never look at their upholstery when I have H&Ms at home. but how about these accessories? we still want to get things nice with good quality, I know Amazon, Walmart have these stuff I need, but not the quality I like. then looks PB, c &b, are the only choice for a level up? do you have any suggestions where I shall look?


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    Hi Zheng,

    I don't really know of a single stop source for quality accessories, usually you have to go to multiple suppliers. I like Wildwood lamps and Jonathan Charles for many smalls and lighting, however that won't drill down to things such as laundry basket and the like. Part of the fun is the hunt, which often means going to shops rather than trying to get things on line. Massachusetts has a lot of wonderful craftspeople, so you are in a great are for that sort of thing, probably the best in the country. Good luck!
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    Thanks Duane. I do see more small woodworking shops here in the country roads than anywhere else in the states. will take the time to hunt.

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