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Thread: Shipping is Expensive

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    Default Shipping is Expensive

    In the age of Amazon Prime, many folks don't realize how costly it is to ship things. I often hear "It will be a few bucks to ship that, right?"

    No. Not a few bucks.

    I just packed this John Buchanan cupboard up for a customer in Massachusetts. You don't just throw something like this in a box, it has to be precisely and carefully packaged or its going to arrive in splinters or with a blown out door or corner.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So what did it cost? Shipping supplies were $ 82.27 (new box, roll of bubble wrap, Instafoam for the corners and paper wadding, + proper gum reinforced tape).

    UPS for a box this size from VA to MA (36" x 24" x 24") and 54 lb is $ 185.67 with insurance for the purchase price.

    Total shipping cost is $ 267.94 via UPS. A truck line would be even higher with residential delivery. I did not charge the customer for the hour to pack it up.

    I wish it was less....of course. Has to be done right as UPS is not gentle with boxes and John Buchanan is retired, very difficult to repair these if damaged and there is no replacement.
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    Totally agree, high shipping costs, and UPS may easily damage such things

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