Always one of my favorite recliners in the current B-Y product lineup, this one came out very nicely in the blue 9012-48 leather. Mahogany on the wood finish and French Natural nail. I think the Huss recliner sits extremely well for a man my size 5' 11". I also attached a photo of the undercarriage - folks sometimes thing that motion furniture can have 8-way hand-tied springs in the suspension. They cannot because the mechanism is moving and the springs have to be incorporated into the mechanism. This is the top of the line suspension in motion furniture, what you see here. B-Y has screw on front legs on this piece, I prefer the built-into-the-frame way that Hancock and Moore does, however you can remove these for getting into tight spaces and the legs are easily replaceable should one get damaged. (Note, NEVER move a recliner when its open, you will twist the mechanism and it will bind).

This recliner is probably my top pick for a traditional recliner in the $ 1,500 - $ 1,800 range (depending on leather grade).

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