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Thread: Throw Pillow Recommendations?

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    Default Throw Pillow Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any idea where I can buy some nice quality pillow covers? I honestly don't even know where to start looking. Just some trustworthy sources for high quality fabrics in different colors/designs would be nice...

    It's so hard to tell online.

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    There are some super fluffy pillows. If you get a high quality down, you can fluff them super huge. You have to stand up all of the pillows for it to look right. Resting them slightly sideways doesn't achieve a quality look. Good quality shams make a difference too because they can hold their shape even if the pillows don't.

    But throw pillows are kind of disgusting when you consider where people throw them to make room to sleep. I personally don't want to put anything that's been on my floor onto my bed, especially near the pillows I use for sleeping. The floor is the dirtiest part of a house with the most germs. That's where airborne germs settle. That's where shoes track in animal excrement. For people with dust allergies, floors have the most dust. Unless you have space for many pillows to be kept up off of the floor, I'd just pass on the throw pillows on the bed look.

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    Not sure you meant for a bedroom verses pillows for a living room sofa or chairs. In my bedroom I have a storage chest at the end of the bed, a couple of chairs, and some people have benches, etc. That is where I place extra pillows. You might try Pottery Barn for pillow covers for Sofas. You don't have to order online, if there is a store near you and you can check the quality yourself. They sell the covers in several sizes and the pillow forms are sold separately. I have never bought them, but I did see quite a few when looking at furniture there before deciding I wanted a better quality sofa.

    Also, some people have no pets and leave shoes a the door (myself included). I have a dust allergy, so I try to keep things off the floor. Someone with hardwood floors that are kept clean and no pets may not be as much as a germaphobe as some others and not worry about the floor thing as much. I know a nurse who puts contacts in her eye after dropping it on the bathroom floor because she insists her bathroom floors are that clean. I would never do that. To each their own. But I don't personally do not consider all throw pillows to be disgusting. Again, to each his own.
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    Hey Jenny, you still check in on here every now & then? You ever get some throw pillow covers? If not, I was going to tell you that Ballard Designs sells custom upholstered furniture & throw pillows, in all the usual sizes with over 400 fabric options. Everything from their own linen & twill, velvets, etc to Suzanne Kasler 14oz linen, velvet & a whole host of patterns & leathers too.

    You can never go wrong by just going into a huge fabric store in your area, & telling them what you're looking for. They'll help you find it, how many yards you'll need, etc then just take your pillows & fabric to a local, neighborhood upholstery company.

    Anyways, how's the loft coming along? I'd love to see some update pics!!

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    You can try to google pillows from satin. I like this material so much. It is so pleasant for the skin

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