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Thread: Living Room Furniture Advice

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    Default Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for all of your input. I just placed my order today and I wanted to share my selections. I was initially planning to order through Duane, but the idea of making so many decisions sight-unseen was rather overwhelming. I ended up finding a design consultant at Furnitureland South in High Point who was incredibly helpful and I went over there this weekend to make my selections.

    Here is what I am getting:

    H&M 5592-NC Tavern Sofa in Tiburon Chestnut, Truscan Nailhead, Mahogany Distressed finish, with Comfort Down cushions.

    2 Huntington House wing chairs in a light beige herringbone performance fabric.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    4 Huntington House 19x19" pillows in the two patterns.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a mood board of all of this put together:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    I figure I should explain how I came to the decision on the Tavern Sofa:

    I had initially been intrigued by the Tavern sofa from reading about it on this forum, but I was hesitant to purchase something I couldn't sit on in real life. I knew the Tavern sofa was not going to be in the showroom, so I was going into this experience prepared to buy something else. However, after sitting on dozens of sofas, only two remained serious contenders and my husband and I were split on which one would work.

    Here are the two contenders:
    9876-88 Kent Sofa, which was incredibly comfortable, albeit a little too deep for me. My husband absolutely adored it, but I thought it was too much sofa for our room. I prefer sofas that have at least a few inches of clearance off the ground. It was also several thousand dollars over our budget.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wesley Hall L1936-84 CRAWLEY SOFA, which was perfectly proportioned for my body and my husband agreed that it was very comfortable. I loved the look of it, but my husband did not. He thought it was too feminine and that the high back would obstruct the flow between the kitchen and living area.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    We were at an impasse. I would have been happy with the Wesley Hall sofa, but my husband was insisting on a chesterfield style. That's when I remembered the Tavern. Our design consultant, my husband, and I talked about it and we all agreed that the Tavern was the perfect compromise of the classic chesterfield style and a softer, rounded silhouette. It was also priced much closer to what we were originally intending to spend. We are taking a gamble that it will meet our comfort needs, but I think we just have to trust that H&M is going to make a quality product.

    The Wesley Hall sofa had much softer cushions that any of the other models in the showroom, and I really liked that. That is why I chose to go with the Comfort Down cushion option on the Tavern sofa.

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    Default Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Hi, SusanNC.

    Your Tavern sofa leather choice is terrific! It will be handsome and elegant. I love the chairs you've selected and your fabric choices are gorgeous. All of these choices are perfect for your beautiful space. I easily see all of it coming together, making a lovely, well-designed room.

    Thank you for explaining your thought process while making those decisions. I find that most helpful when I'm thinking through my own choices...Descriptions such as yours almost always cause me to consider something I'd previously overlooked. That right there, in addition to Duane's input, is why this forum is so very helpful.

    Thought I'd mention that your husband's and your path to choosing the Tavern sofa is quite similar to that of my husband's and mine. The Chesterfield didn't come in exactly the size we needed and it seemed a bit too formal. I love my furniture a bit leggy, so pushed for a leather H&M Chippendale. My husband thought it seemed a bit on the light side, and also maybe a bit formal. We knew we wanted something with a lower back profile so that sight lines would not be broken. We knew we'd found just the right sofa when we saw the Tavern. It resembles the Chesterfield, is on a bit of a leg with casters, and has the added visual interest with the subtle slope of the arm and the curve of the front edge. It really is a pretty special piece in that it has super details yet remains sort of understated, if that makes sense.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished room.

    Best Wishes!


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    Smile Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Hi Everyone!

    I promised I would share pictures when my furniture arrived and I am finally getting around to it! We've had the new sofa and chairs for 2 months now and they are incredible!

    The Tavern Sofa is a showstopper. The Tiburon Chestnut leather is so beautiful and it's exactly the color and texture I wanted. It doesn't photograph particularly well, but it is stunning in person. It is also very comfortable. The corners are perfect for leaning and it's also comfortable for sitting upright. We ordered the ultra down cushions and I'm very happy with that decision.

    The Huntington House wing chairs are so comfortable for sitting. I had a slipcover made for my old ottoman and found a brass pull chain floor lamp at a consignment shop which go perfectly with my chair. I finally have my own little reading nook.

    I have a lot of plans for this room including a new rug, a new console or sideboard, and wall sconces. In the meantime, I am enjoying my amazing new seating.

    Thanks for your advice!
    SusanClick image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Here's a picture of the Tavern Sofa by itself:Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Both options look good enough. But it seems to me that it is more practical to choose sofas on legs. This will allow you to facilitate the process of cleaning, which requires special attention. At the same time, if you do not care about this fact, then any option will suit you. I was guided by this factor when I chose the furniture for the terrace. Tell me, what is the style of the interior in your room? Perhaps on this basis, I can advise you on something more specific.

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