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Thread: Fake Manufacturers on Wayfair

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    Default Fake Manufacturers on Wayfair

    I am still looking at desks. I notice on Wayair they have a Hekman Desk for $3400. Then they have what appears to be the exact same desk, same pictures, same specs but listed as Canora Grey For $500 less.
    I can assume this in indeed a Hekman desk that they probably take off the name plate and put their own??
    I know Wayfair is famous for taking real products and giving them a fake company name that is an owned division of Wayfair, to trick the consumer so they can't comparison shop.

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    Default Re: Fake Manufacturers on Wayfair

    I would assume nothing. Sites like Wayfair are a mixed bag, you don't know whom you are dealing with. It's a mistake to price shop - but everyone does it, hoping to get something for less. Usually, they get taken to the cleaners. Know your product, know you merchant and their reputation. Reviews with stars are often set-ups as well. A slick website doesn't mean a quality product or a dealer that stands behind their product. Buyer Beware.
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