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    I have an Austin couch and a couple of Miller recliners. The middle cushion on the Austin has a really dark spot on it. It looks like oil of some kind penetrated the leather, but I don't know where it came from other than possible skin oil. I've tried several methods of cleaning it but nothing has worked.

    One of the middle foot rests on the Miller developed an irregular dark spot on it after I put conditioner on it. I use conditioner a couple of times a year and this time the one area on the foot rest turned dark while the rest of the foot rest looks perfect. I use Leather Master products.

    All of them are in Atticus Java. Can I buy a new middle seat cover and a new foot rest from H&M? Approximate price? I understand the dye lot problem. I can send them a sample of my Atticus Java or wait for them to send me a sample for approval.

    Everything else on the 3 pieces looks like new. (5 years old or so)

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    Are we talking seat cushions or back cushions? Seat casing are easy to replace, back casing have to be detached then re-sewn onto the piece. Big difference.

    Atticus is a pure aniline, so stains will stay in place. You can send them to and they can probably remove the stains, though it takes about a week as they have to "pull" the stains out from the backside of the hide, not from the use side. But yes, you can buy a new seat casing for $ 310 and detach the footrest and send in for recover if you want to go that route as well. Probably $ 100 to $ 150 to re leather the footrest, but that's just a guess.
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    Thanks Duane. It's the casing that needs replacement. I've spoken with Pam a few times. She has a before and after picture on her website that looks like the problem I have. I'll call them and see what they think. At least the Atticus Java would match that way.

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