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Thread: H&M 1080 chair with Grade 1 Leather

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    Default H&M 1080 chair with Grade 1 Leather

    Several years ago I purchased a H&M 1080 chair with a class 1 kip wheat leather. Before long the leather color on the piping seem to be rubbing off, particularly where the lever rubs the piping but also in other places. I also accidentally had a few drops of rubbing alcohol contact the leather and when i tired to rub it off the color came too. Is this characteristic of a Class 1 leather?

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    Default Re: H&M 1080 chair with Grade 1 Leather

    It is less about the class/grade and more about the type. Sounds like a protected leather, which you can read up more about here in the leather sticky threads. It is not unusual for the piping to wear on a spot that gets rubbed a lot, and you can get touch-up keys to renew it every year or two if it bothers you. You can find some details on that with a search here. Good luck!

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    There is no lever on a 1080 Sami Recliner unless you have a motorized one and are talking about the switch between the seat and right arm?

    Kip is a painted, or finished leather. All painted leathers can lose their coating especially if you don't clean and condition the leather every three to four months. Rubbing alcohol will remove the paint if you rub on it after the spill, better to not touch it and let it evaporate.

    You can get a free bottle of color touch up from Hancock and Moore through your selling dealer.
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    Thanks. Very helpful. It is indeed motorized and the switch is like a lever.

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