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Thread: Please help with sofa and leather choices

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    Default Please help with sofa and leather choices

    Hi there -- this forum is such a great resource, but also filling my head with way too many choices now that I love! We are moving to a new home in a few weeks and trying to decide on a sofa. We do not want a sectional. The home is a modern farmhouse style, so we want something that will look good along those lines, not too rustic and not too fancy. I'm attaching photos, but the sofa will be directly in front of the island facing the fireplace. If looking at the fireplace, there will be two white fabric chairs to the left of the sofa in front of the window. On the right side is the entryway so we are keeping that fairly open, but plan to put a leather chair in that corner by the fireplace. That chair is probably going to be an exact replica of one that Duane posted in here -- Expedition with cross-hatch on the inside back and suede on the sides. We are stuck on sofa selection and leather color. My designer friend has suggested a somewhat lighter color to kind of go with the mantle -- maybe a saddle/camel color. You can also see the dining table as it's all one big room. That table is going to be from magnolia wood which is a lighter wood and there will be black wood chairs with it. The bar stools are a light bamboo weave. That gives an idea of what colors are already in place!

    We are leaning toward the Carmen sofa, the Lacross sofa, or the Evening. Also like the Utopia but it's too short. Also considering French Curve or Sundance. We were planning to order a sofa from Restoration Hardware before I came across Hancock and Moore and this forum! We had planned on 9ft as that will work well in the room -- however, the only ones from HM that would meet that are not particularly favorites. Open to and hoping for suggestions!

    For leather, I'm leaning toward Buckingham Walnut, Hyde Park (multiple colors), Weston Cane, Capri Butternut, Imperial Whiskey. But also considering a rich, dark brown because those are so lovely as well. I don't really like a shiny look or a noisy so maybe some of the ones I've picked would be ruled out due to that. I have no idea. Thanks for any input!

    Here are some photos that show the layout of the room.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Please help with sofa and leather choices

    Congratulations on your new home. I like the open floor plan. In my opinion, I think any of the sofas you listed would look great in your home. You'll need to decide on styles - single solid back or individual cushions, tufted or smooth, rolled or squared arm. I had a perception of a single solid back would be uncomfortable, but the French Curve on display exceeded my expectations although I prefer individual cushions. You may consider sitting on a few models to see which ones are the most comfortable for you.

    I was concerned about sofa width as well, but for not being too wide. I think it's important to take note of inside width as well because while the Evening sofa is considerably wider than the Utopia, they have the same inside width. Depth (exterior and interior) is an important factor to consider when comparing it to the measurements of your living room.

    I went with the Buckingham Walnut Burnish for my sofa (w00t for being delivered this Saturday) and Cameo Olive Burnished for a chair. The merlot in Cameo and Hyde Park for the chair were a top contender. As a photographer, seeing leather in person is better than seeing it on a monitor.

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