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Thread: Fix a Basement leak

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    Default Fix a Basement leak

    I have a crack in the foundation wall of my home that was leaking water during every heavy rain, leaving a puddle of 6 feet on the floor. Asking around on how to fix it I was told thousands of dollars by specialty companies for repair work.

    What do I have to loose to attempt a self fix? So the past week I got after it. We had two inched of rain since 6 am and as of 8 pm no leaks in the basement! I’m pretty happy about that.

    Ten or Eleven 40 lb. bags of topsoil outside the wall near the foundation to change the slopes and drainage grade.

    Chisel out the crack to 3/4” and 1/2” deep to fill with hydraulic cement mixed in a bucket. You must chisel this out to those specs.

    Two coats of Dry-Loc over the cement once the patch cured.

    Total cost of materials less than $120. Watertight.

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    Default Re: Fix a Basement leak

    Looks good. I think you're lucky, you have a poured wall instead of block. There doesn't seem to be any poured cement basement walls in my area. Everything is cinder block and a few areas have bricks.

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