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    I have purchased an H&M City Sofa and Loveseat. It has been on hold due to terminology issues of which H&M refuses to speak to me about. I have tried on multiple occasions to speak with the dealership but they have not been able to answer my questions because they do not appear to understand what these stitches are. Nonetheless, the owner is placing my order to be done the way he thinks is correct without explaining to me that I am getting just what I am asking for.
    There is a chair, #5736-1, that has what I believe to be a SINGLE TOP STITCH. Then there is another stitch which, from my understanding, is called a DOUBLE TOP STITCH, which H&M calls SADDLE STITCH. If I am misunderstanding this, please let me know, but a SINGLE TOP STITCH is done on a quality leather wallet in the "technique" of a SADDLE STITCH, but it is still a SINGLE ROW OF HOLES with 2 stitches in each row. If it was NOT a SADDLE STITCH then there would be only ONE thread per hole.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, in a SADDLE STITCH technique, there are TWO ROWS of STITCHING in each SINGLE ROW of holes.

    Here are my questions:

    1) In the case of the SINGLE TOP STITCH in the chair (#5736-1), is that TOP STITCH done with ONE thread or TWO?

    2) Continuing from question one, and assuming that there are TWO threads, is it going with TWO NEEDLES, one thread in the hole followed by the other thread in that SAME HOLE as is it done in a TRUE SADDLE STITCH technique?

    3) I am told that if you have a SINGLE TOP STITCH, without SADDLE STITCH technique, the stitch itself is NOT as secure, because it is not enough of a "lock". Plus, you have that bump there which wears out faster (but still not as fast as a welt on some pieces). With the DOUBLE TOP STITCH SADDLE STITCH, the wear is less because it is flat; but, what is the negative of the DOUBLE TOP STITCH SADDLE STITCH? IS THE LEATHER WEAKENED at all by so many holes? Or is it same number of holes in H&Mís Saddle Stitch and their Single Top Stitch?

    4) Which, in your opinion, is the most durable stitch? Also, considering durability 1st and then looks 2nd which stitch would you put on the City Sofa not including the welt? I would like the most durable stitch on the City Sofa. The top stitch looked okay but I thought would wear more at the bump, but be a stronger stitch but ONLY if itís also done saddle stitch technique. If itís not even saddle stitch then itís a single thread so maybe I should go with that double top stitch which is saddle stitched I guess? Iím really not sure why they named the stitches this way or maybe I am the only one it confuses?

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    Are you asking the entire piece to be hand stitched to your specifications rather than machine stitched? Because the examples you gave in your post says "saddle stitching is the most popular way to sew leather by hand" and that it is "as opposed to the entire line of stitching as it does with a machine stitch"?

    You might want to review these posts if you have not already.

    Page 2 of this trip to the plant by Duane shows the "sewing room" which it looks to me like they use sewing machines and do not sew by hand except in the case of the demonstration of hand lacing, but I don't believe that is how most hides are sewn.

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    1. Don't put your money down until you are comfortable.

    2. Have you already looked at this page? -

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    I think maybe the chair you are referring to actually has what H&M calls "hand lacing". You might want to review this post giving a lot more details about options offered, but page 16 indicated hand lacing is available at an upcharge

    Here is a sofa with "hand lacing" which looks like the stitching you are referring to on the chair.

    I don't see anything about saddle stitching in their catalog, but maybe I missed it and if you haven't yet you can review the catalog here:

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    You're making my head spin on this thread OP, and quite honestly overthinking it. These are machine-sewn closures, well documented here on the site with photos and the like. Stitching is done with one thread on all closures unless you get into optional decorative stitching. There are custom stitches like the "I" stitch that I use on pieces in my own home (extra charge under decorative stitching) that form an "X" and are double stitched on the seams. You can see photos those here as well.

    I sell thousands of pieces of Hancock and Moore and regardless of the method uses they are not wearing out. About once every five years we run across a piece where the thread opened up, usually on newer pieces, not old ones. Those are covered by warranty.

    It has been on hold due to terminology issues of which H&M refuses to speak to me about

    Hancock and Moore responds to the dealer - which is their customer. Your dealer responds to you - for you are their customer. This is done intentionally and is good policy, as otherwise there can be conflicting answers. And yes, your order will get "parked" off to the side if you are creating issues that don't exist with respect to something you read on the internet that doesn't apply to the way H&M manufactures its pieces. If you want to see your new sofa before the leaves turn and come off the trees, you would be wise to move on and resolve this based on the offerings available, the backlogs are huge and getting longer every day.
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