Hello all...

My wife and I have started shopping for a new sofa and loveseat and needed some recommendations on brands to look at. We wanted to get something that reclined with power in a fabric since my wife is NOT a fan of leather, specifically the slippery type of leather. Initially we looked at FlexSteel and Motioncraft..... she liked both the Rio and the Catalina styles in the Flexsteel listed below. After some research and reading here we didnt want to gamble on having them show up quality issues, plus the fact they are not made in the US. Can someone point me to a brand that has that "look" that will be a better option for us?

Thanks for the help


- https://www.flexsteel.com/product/li...s/rio-3904-62m
- https://www.flexsteel.com/product/li...alina-2900-62m