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    Let me begin by thanking you for your furniture forum. There is nothing else online that begins to come close to providing such high quality information and advice.
    I am interested in purchasing one of two Hancock & Moore (H&M) recliners, and I need some guidance. The nearest H&M dealer and H&Mís customer service seem to be too busy to provide the necessary assistance.

    Until about a month ago, I was unaware of H&M products. A visit to a furniture store in an adjacent state introduced us to the H&M Neville recliner. My wife and I found it very comfortable, but we didnít think it was the best fit in our living room because of its style. If something equally comfortable for reading and conversation is not available, we will default to the Neville out of practicality.

    I subsequently learned about the H&M Rodeo recliner; its style is more appropriate to our dťcor. Unfortunately, no retailer within two dayís drive carries this model. My wife and I would prefer to sit in a chair before purchase, but that may not be practical so we must rely upon the judgment of others.

    For us, the positive characteristics of the Neville are:

    1. A very upright closed seat position.
    2. A relatively upright reclined seat position.
    3. Firm but comfortable back and seat cushions. We donít care for seats that make us feel as if we have dropped into quicksand.

    With that lengthy preface, I would like to ask this very subjective question. How do the two different recliners, the Neville and the Rodeo, compare in the categories of seat angle (closed and reclined) and cushion firmness? I know itís possible that no individual at your business has experience with both recliners. If that is the case, perhaps you can obtain this information from H&M and relay it to me. Or perhaps another forum member can comment on his experiences.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: H&M Recliner Comparison

    Those two are going to sit differently, both due to the different style back cushions, and the height on the arms is different. That said, from what I know the Rodeo is pretty comfortable for most people.

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