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Thread: Is YM36 the only frame for a Motion Your Way standalone recliner?

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    Default Re: Is YM36 the only frame for a Motion Your Way standalone recliner?

    Hi All - just wanted to update. We had the opportunity to visit the H&M motion factory last Monday, thanks to Duane for helping set it up. We were able to see the prototype chair that the pictures on H&M's website come from ( The Kismit Mineral is very soft to the touch, and not waxy or plastic feeling. We also saw the frame of another prototype being built so there might be some tinkering still. Some orders have come in, but production has not begun yet (and not sure when they will). Final options (e.g. arms/backs) were not available - but we only talked to a shop floor supervisor not marketing.

    The your way 2 recliner had ultra down cushions for both seat and back, and sat very well. I am about 5'10, wife is around 5'8 and it is very comfortable without being too squishy. The arms (raised track arms) are not yet available for order, and we like them a lot as they are curved, which makes for a comfortable resting spot for your arms. Also, the H&M web page seems to have a picture of different chairs. In the first picture above, the footrest is one piece. If you look at the second picture with the feet up, it's 2 pieces. This is the one that we sat in. It makes a difference because the current your way chair we have is one piece, and it supports to the calf area. In the 2 piece your way 2, your heels are supported as well. All in all, this chair felt like it was almost molded to my body, back, arms, legs, feet. Cloud of bliss, without a single pressure point being too much or little.

    So the cons for our situation. First, it does slide forward instead of lean back. This means you can have a solid back so I am interested to see what options they have and styles in the future (e.g. tufted). However, this means that you need about 68 inches of clearance from the back of the chair forward when it is fully reclined. This is in contrast to a recliner that lays backwards, and in contrast to the current your way that partly shifts forward and leans backwards. So you will have to configure your walkways accordingly. Second, it leans far enough back to watching TV, but I'm not sure it reclines as far back as the current your way, and for some might not be a "napping chair" if you want it very reclined. Articulating headrest works like the current does, so forget pillows (thank goodness).

    Anyways, Duane - can you please talk us out of changing our Your Way order to the 2 please?
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    Default Re: Is YM36 the only frame for a Motion Your Way standalone recliner?

    HA! Well, Sam - I can't talk you into anything because YOU have more experience with the Your Way 2 than I do at this point, and know more about it as you were just at the source.
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