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Thread: Gilman Creek Furniture Battery Pack Question

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    I purchased a Gilman Creek sectional from Costco recently that has four power recliners. The sectional isn't near any 120 volt outlets and I would like to use battery packs to run the recliners. That said I can not find a furniture battery pack that fits the adaptor provided by Gilman Creek. I've reached out to the manufacture and lets just say they've been less than helpful. There are power adaptors plugs under each power recliner for a battery pack however I can't find the right adaptor battery pack. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Go over to Amazon, it costs less there than getting a battery pack from the manufacturer anyways. The best one (and the ones I use at my home) are these. Any will work as long as the connectors are the same, they are all 12v stepdown systems.

    95% of all motion furniture uses this 2-prong connector.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just another thought. Those batteries are going to need to be charged eventually. It is a pretty simple operation to add an outlet or two. Not very expensive in most areas, either. You could probably have it done for same price as the battery packs or less since you need 3 of them. Unless you live in NYC anyway, lol. Nothing is simple or inexepensive there.

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