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Thread: Finally in the market to buy good quality furniture but need help!

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    Default Finally in the market to buy good quality furniture but need help!

    After 30+ years of raising a family we are finally hoping to upgrade our second-hand and ugly assorted furniture. Living room and dining room and then one other room, but starting with LR. We had tried many years ago but were daunted at the choices and especially the fabrics- however we live in a beautiful home- and we have waited far too long to do this! While we are probably not in the market for top of the line, and want to be penny wise, we also do not want to skimp on these important purchases.
    The LR is a large space - 24 ft x 20ft
    We currently have two sofas and two arm chairs. All to be be replaced!
    We are looking for two upholstered sofas (looking at TK taylor made both 96", plush, round back, panel arm with t cushion -not clear on the base yet ) and two leather club chairs H and M of course! Style is traditional so our favorite chairs are The City Chair, Doyle, Journey, West End and Kodiak. We also like the Evening and Member Chair but not sure if we like the seams in the arms. Without being able to see each one in person it is a tricky decision. Any guidance is appreciated.
    OF course, once again the sticking point is not so much the design but the fabric and leather.
    Do you have any suggestions at all on how to move past this and get to the point we can order? The choices seem so overwhelming.
    I started looking at the TK fabrics and definitely want something that is durable, feels nice to the touch, not scratchy, but aware that accidents happen when entertaining and would prefer easier to clean fabrics -which I presume means more of a performance style fabric. Looking at neutral beiges as a color palate.
    Again, this forum has been incredibly helpful and any comments are welcome.

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    Default Re: Finally in the market to buy good quality furniture but need help!

    Taylor King Portfolio is the right place to be on the sofas. For the H&M chairs, if you are working on a budget, then select from the Town and Country promotion using the feature leathers is my recommendation. You can see that program here on the forum under LEATHER.

    Seams on the arms are not a big issue, after the piece is in your home for a week you probably wouldn't even notice them.

    Begin by looking at covers on each maker's website, and narrow your choices down to a dozen from each. Then email with those choices and we order those for you at no charge, they show up in a few days time.
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