One of the best things you can do if having furniture delivered is to NOT assume the delivery people know what they are doing. There are a ton of new hires on delivery help, people who were working in a kitchen 3 months ago and are now delivering furniture. Be Pro-Active. It's YOUR FURNITURE, not theirs. If you see them dragging it out of the truck, stop them. Furniture needs to be lifted, not dragged. If they are going to set it in your driveway, insist they put a pad down on the concrete or blacktop first. If they don't have a pad, then supply them with one, they are cheap to buy. Clear that path for them, get everything out of the way including artwork on the walls, umbrella stands, etc. Don't assume they won't run into them or will move them for you.

Some other tips:

* If the feet/legs have to come off, they will not have the right equipment. The screws used in the industry are # 2 Square Drive and you can get a bit at Home Depot for two bucks. Have one on hand - get a 3" one. While the screws may look like a Phillips they are not, yet delivery people try to remove them with a Phillips and usually strip the heads. Buy the bit, and have a cordless drill at the ready.

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* Buy a Door Jamb pad. Yes, they are $ 41 on Amazon, but you will have it forever. We carry these in all our local delivery trucks, they are magic for not damaging furniture. Delivery companies NEVER - EVER have them. Here's a photo of a $ 6,000 Hancock and Moore sofa that was sent to me yesterday by a customer. The sofa was too tight to go through the client's door and she game them permission to shove it in against the door jamb, damaging the leather. Had there been a door jamb pad in place, it would have slid right in damage-free. Spend $ 41 to protect your $ 6,000 new sofa. I get it - you shouldn't have to be the one to supply this, but its better than calling in a leather restoration service after the fact.

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* Read my post on how to unpack a Hancock and Moore sofa (other brands do not require this method). Insist they do it this way. Skip to Post # 5 for most sofas. Do NOT let them slide the sofa out of the box, staples will scratch and tear the leather. It must be done this way.

* Have a staircase the piece needs to go over? Either exterior or interior? There's a pad for that as well. We carry them in our trucks.

In my 35 years doing this, the largest exposure to damage is the final trip from the truck to your room. Having an experienced, veteran crew is the key, but when you have so many new people - they won't have the skill set. Be prepared so your new purchase stays looking new.