Whenever you are requesting samples, PLEASE include the address you want them mailed to.

Fully 75% of all sample requests do not have the address, that's three out of four. And ther are two reasons for that.

1) In the exceitment of requesting samples, people simply get caught up and forget to include their address, plus there is that lingering thing in the back of everyones mind about privacy on the internet/emails. But samples dont' arrive via email, they have to come in a package to a physical address.

2) You are a prior or current customer and assume we have your address on hand. We very well may, but it takes 5 minutes to go locate it when in the store or going back through many, many emails. And often people move, the address you had on your last order may be different than where you live now.

Also, I have two requests for samples today for example - it's a Sunday. I frequenhtly work from home on the computer but your addresses (that I know I have) are in the store. That means I can't order samples today, it will be Tuesday before I am back in as the store is closes Sundays and Mondays. Not a big deal, but it adds a day or two to the time frame to get these ordered from the suppliers.

So take 10 seconds and type in the mailing address please. Help us to help you!