Word just arrived today that Century Furniture will be adding a 10% surcharge to all orders effective 01/07/22. This should come as no surprise, as I have been predicting this will happen with all companies near the first of the year (Bradington Young has a 5% increase on Jan 5th). It's likely almost all companies will be increasing prices if they haven't already.

A Surcharge is different from a price increase. When they issue a surcharge they don't reprint the price books, because Management hopes it will be temporary. Most the time however, they don't go back down and eventually roll that into a new printed price list. Believe me when I tell you the company management loathes doing this, they know it doesn't sit well with anyone. It's not a profit grab, it's to maintain their sales margins. Cost of labor and materials keeps increasing, with inflation in the USA for 2021 averaging 6.2%, which has not been seen since 1990.

Anyways, you have about three more weeks to get in under most price increases, if you are inclined to order something.