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    I have a pair of Bradington Young recliners, probably 40 years old. The vari tilt gas cylinders have given up the ghost long ago. But they are my favorite chairs and I donít want to part with them. Iím looking for two replacement parts...

    CH-9442 Berneck

    I've had no luck with the google. Iím wondering if any you have a source for any comparable parts?

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    Yes and no. The ONLY part available is this one, all the suppliers use it and I do have them in stock. The current B-Y unit is identical. The Verin parts are long gone.

    On older Bradington Young tilt backs you may find a length difference. Some customers reported by flipping the mounting bracket around that is in the chair, they can make it work. Fitment is not guaranteed and we don't accept returns on these parts, but this is all that is available in the trade.
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    Thank you for your quick response. I got a little bit nervous about flipping the brackets on my old chairs...and the possible length difference. I decided to install a threaded steel rod and lock the chair in the upright position. No more leaning back...but the chairs are now functional again. They were well made and the leather is still in excellent condition. Again, thank you for your help.

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