I just returned from (5) days in Cabo San Lucas Mexico - and left the store in the very capable hands of my daughter, Sarah. It was REALLY NICE to warm up. Shorts and t-shirts every day (when we left it was actually snowing Monday at 3 a.m.). Been three years without a real vacation, it was nice and we did not turn on the news or pick up a single newspaper, its amazing how calm life can be when you don't do that. Leave Covid, Inflation, Supply Chain, Jan 6th, Ukraine off your radar map for a few days and put the iPad/iPhone down and get off the grid.

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The hotel had a high end memory foam bed, and I just don't get the appeal of these memory foam units. They retain so much heat in the "pocket" where you sleep that you perspire into that area, then you toss the covers and freeze 20 minutes later. Repeat all night long, every day. Do people really like to sleep in that heat pocket where foam is conforming to your body and not allowing airflow? It was SO NICE to get back home and sleep in our Royal Pedic again.