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    Ok sorry for all my questions but this is pretty overwhelming. My thoughts are to buy a sofa that has square backs and seats, vs t-backs, so I can rotate them for even wear. Two sofas that appear to meet this criteria are the Anderson and the Danvers. The Anderson is 8 shorter, but is about $1300 higher retail for Class 1 leather. It appears that it requires more leather, 396 sq feet vs 306 sq feet for the Danvers, yet the styles look pretty identical, both have nailheads, etc. What am I missing here? Why does it take more leather for the Anderson when it is smaller than the other? Can all the cushions be moved around on both sofas? Thx!

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    We don't get into the mechanics of the engineering as to square footage requirements, it is what it is.

    Most pieces from Hancock and Moore have tailored corners (about 80% of the line) that prevent them from being used in another location on the piece.
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