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Thread: Number and Size of Sitting Pieces for home with flow thru Living room/Kitchen

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    Default Re: Number and Size of Sitting Pieces for home with flow thru Living room/Kitchen

    Ok so I think we are set on getting two Ghent's in Burnished. I have never seen HP earth in person but just about every picture on the forum is beautiful. I think it would help to lighten up the overall mood of our room given the floors are still quite dark even with the white rug. I have seen HP brownie burnished in person several times and loved it.

    1. Will the HP brownie burnished look strange next to the HP earth?....don't really want to get them in the same color but should we reconsider that?
    2. Based on the height advice, I would need a tall and my wife a standard Ghent recliner. Will that look strange looking at the back of the recliners as there is a 3 inch height difference?
    3. Finally, we sat in a Ghent with the ultra down back and seat cores....I didn't know you could do that on a recliner...I feel like I read somewhere on the forum that getting down in a split back piece is a no no due to risk of sagging or something like that true or am I misremembering?

    thanks Duane!

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    Default Re: Number and Size of Sitting Pieces for home with flow thru Living room/Kitchen

    There are a few ways to look at colors on furniture in my opinion.

    1. You can do it like fine antiques, where you buy a piece based on its stand-alone merits and not be concerned with color matching and style. Some of the best homes I have ever been in are done in this manner.
    2. You can alternate colors but stay in certain tones..... such as Earth Tones (browns greens, reds) or Cool Tones (black grey. white) etc.
    3> You can go matching on all segments, where you want the colors to be identical on all pieces (with some tolerance for dye lot variances if purchased at different times)

    There is no right or wrong on any of the three above, its a preference. What is more important in my opinion is scale of the furniture. To have a massive recliner like a Sundance from H&M next to a Chesterfield Loveseat for example, unbalancs the visual weight of the room and make its awkward. Or to push too many large pieces in too small a room for max seating capacity is never a good look. I think visual weight of pieces in a room matters more than color matchups. Look at how you changed the look of your own room from when you started by re-balancing the room, for example.

    Recliners are all about comfort. One to fit you and one to fit your spouse. 3" height difference will not matter in the long run, its more important to be comfortable.

    Yes, you can change the seat and back cores on reclaimers if you like. Even on Split Backs if you want. I think it depends on preference and the leather chosen. I have a Westwood Recliner in my own home, it has a spring down seat and a Ultra down Back and is in a Hyde Park Burnished Leather which is stiffer than others, so that adds more flex. If I were doing the same Westwood in Capri, which is very supple, I would not use the down cores as they would then be too soft for my tastes.
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    Default Re: Number and Size of Sitting Pieces for home with flow thru Living room/Kitchen

    Sage advice.

    I just noticed that the current chairs we have in the living room (author's chair and the lay-Z-boy recliner) have a three inch difference in height...hasn't bothered us enough to even notice lol

    I've been looking thru the burnished so much...I think HP Earth is a lock for one chair...I just love it so much.

    For the other chair...I liked the HP Brownie but it seems it can vary so so much in terms of being a darker chocolate to a lighter milk chocolate color.

    This chair we sat on in your store...that's what I would want!!!

    But then I see a piece in this darker Brownie burnished and I worry it's too dark and too much like our Tilton Lager (which we love but don't want more of that darker brown)

    Part of me also wants to get the other recliner in Cameo...just so we can have two different burnished leathers...but that seems silly haha. Any wisdom Duane?

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